Within the tiny scope of Glynis Brooke Handwoven Textiles, my mission is two-fold. Firstly I produce handwoven items for the home and for personal use that are practical, luxurious and also totally unique. Secondly, I strive to show people that both hand-weaving and hand-spinning, are crafts which are easily accessible to any craftsperson. To this end I offer regular workshops in Rigid Heddle or four shaft weaving, and also occasionally spinning. I am also instrumental in organising the annual Thread Handed Fibre Week which takes place at the beginning of March every year and offers classes in various fibre related disciplines.

My association with Ashford Handicrafts, the New Zealand manufacturer of the world renowned Ashford spinning wheels and looms has been of enormous benefit in my quest to re-introduce the crafts of weaving and spinning to the South African crafter. The Ashford name is synonymous with the best there is in terms of fibre crafting equipment and material, and I am privileged to be a distributor for such a high quality product.

My days are filled with fibre, whether I am teaching a workshop, sitting at my loom or wheel, or writing about what I love to do. How lucky I am to be able to call what I love to do the most “work”!