Terms and Conditions

CONTACT US to discuss your needs. Although Glynis Brooke Handwoven Textiles makes an effort to maintain a small stock of Ashford Products on hand, it is impossible to maintain a full stock. Thus many of the products may have to be ordered specifically for the client from the factory in  New Zealand, in which case the following will apply:

  • A 75% deposit is required to confirm your order and the order will only be placed with the factory in New Zealand once this deposit is received into our bank account.
  • There will be an average lead-time of approximately 6–8 weeks. Depending on the items involved, this might be slightly longer.
  • Glynis Brooke Handwoven Textiles cannot be held responsible for delays which may occur due to an extended lead-time, but we will always do our best to ensure that your item arrives as promptly as possible.
  • We will regularly update the customer on the status of the order.
  • The balance of payment and distribution costs will be due for payment once the item has been cleared into South Africa, prior to dispatch to the client.
  • No item will be dispatched to the client before payment has been received in full.
Although all items are listed as being ” In Stock” this means that they are in stock ex  factory in New Zealand and may have to ordered from said factory. It does not necessarily follow that an item listed as ” in stock” is being physically held in stock by Glynis Brooke Handwoven Textiles. Items which are in stock will be dispatched within one week of receipt of payment. Returns for whatever reason can only be accepted under the following conditions:
  • The item is in its original packaging and has not been used.
  • The return is negotiated within seven days of dispatch to the client.
  • Delivery of the returned item to Glynis Brooke Handwoven Textiles is entirely for the client’s account and shall be made via Postnet or courier.
Refunds will only be made if an alternative buyer for the item can be found, and, at such time as an alternative buyer for the item in question is found, irrespective of the time frame involved. Glynis Brooke Handwoven Textiles will charge a 35% handling fee, for the account of the original client, on such transactions. Items will be dispatched to the client via Postnet ,  Postnet courier or ARAMEX. A basic flat-rate of R130 will be charged for packaging and shipping of items under 5kg delivered via Postnet. When orders larger than 5kg (weight or volumetric mass), or orders to be delivered via door to door courier come available, a quotation will be obtained from the courier service, if applicable. Should the shipping be more than the original flat-rate, a payment request will be sent. Parcels will only be shipped once the shipping fees have been paid in full. Should the client choose to use the South African Postal Service, items will be dispatched via insured mail, and entirely at the risk of the client.    ]]>