Rigid Heddle Consolidation Course

Featuring “The Rainbow in my Kitchen” tea towels!

An on-line course designed to deliver the foundational knowledge upon which skills are built. This course will boost the confidence of any rigid heddle weaver – beginner or more experienced.

Glynis Brooke draws on her lifelong passion for the craft of weaving – the successes, the ‘okays’ and the downright disasters, to share the all important basics with you. As a highly experienced teacher, She firmly believes that it is a solid knowledge of these basic building blocks which will make you a better, more confident weaver.

In this course you will find a comprehensive workbook to download and print. Calculations sheet, project planning sheet and a download and print pattern, and a whole lot more besides. There are multiple video demonstrations for you to work through at your own pace, with lifetime access so that you can go back to the material over and over again for reference.

Each set of towels includes one woven with a light, one with a dark, and one with a multi-coloured weft. There is also a little bit of colour and weave technique thrown into the mix!