70cm Knitters Loom Reed




Reeds are available for differing yarns. The 2.5, 5, 7.5 and 10dpi (10, 20, 30 and 40/10cm) reeds feature the wide eye for novelty yarns. The fine 12.5dpi (50/10cm) and the NEW extra fine 15dpi (60/10) reeds are also available. Made from strong, durable nylon with Silver Beech rails in a smooth lacquer finish. The reeds come in 30cm, 50cm and 70cm (12ins, 20ins and 28ins) widths.

2.5 dpi (10/10cm)
5 dpi (20/10cm)
7.5 dpi (30/10cm)
10 dpi (40/10cm)
12.5 dpi (50/10cm)
15 dpi (60/10cm)
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70cm Knitters Loom Reed

2.5 d.p.i, 5 d.p.i, 7.5 d.p.i, 10 d.p.i, 12.5 d.p.i, 15 d.p.i


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